Francesco Radino

Francesco Radino was born in Bagno a Ripoli (Florence) in 1947 from parents both painters.
In 1970 he became a professional photographer and chose to operate in various areas, from industrial photography to design, from architecture to landscape.

Since the 1980s he has participated in numerous public research projects in the area, including the photographic campaigns Archivio dello Spazio within the Architectural and Environmental Heritage Project of the Province of Milan.
He has always intertwined professional work and artistic research and is today considered one of the most influential authors in the panorama of contemporary photography in Italy.

Participant in the development of research photography on the contemporary landscape, over the years he has developed a free way to explore the reality that today goes beyond the landscape genre, opening up to every aspect of the world, from nature to urbanized territories, from the human figure to objects, from animals to artifacts from human history. He has exhibited his work in Italian, European, Japanese and American galleries and museums and his works are part of international public and private collections. He lives and works in Milano.

Selection of books published:
Italia di Lucania, Il Diaframma, Milano 1980, Modus Videndi, Idea Books, Milano 1989, Morphosis, Onebyone Contemporary Art Gallery, Tokyo 1992, Mutazioni, Art&, Udine 1994, Inside, Baldini e Castoldi, Milano 2001, Reframe, le stanze del tempo, Fotografia Italiana Arte Contemporanea , Milano 2007, Milano, Touring Editore, Milano 2015, Le Cattedrali dell’Energia, Fondazione AEM, Milano 2016, Gli Scali Ferroviari di Milano, Fondazione AEM, Milano 2018