Giovanna Silva

Giovanna Silva lives and works in Milano. From 2005 to 2007 she contributed to the journal «Domus», and from September 2007 until September 2011 she was photo editor of the journal «Abitare». She photographed Renzo Piano and Zaha Hadid for the special issues of «Abitare» Being Renzo Piano and Being Zaha Hadid. In October 2011 she published “Orantes”, Quodlibet; in July 2012 “Narratives/Relazioni: Baghdad, Green Zone, Red Zone, Babylon”, Mousse Publishing and in October 2013 “Narratives/Relazioni: Libya: Inch by Inch, House by House, Alley by Alley, Syria: a Travel Guide to Disappearance”, Mousse Publishing and “Good Boy”, Motto Publishing. She participated at 14.Mostra International di Architettura di Venezia with her project “Nightswimming, Discotheques in Italy from the 1960s until now”.

In 2010 she founded the San Rocco magazine with whom she attended the 13th International Exhibition of Architecture. In 2012 she founded the publishing house Humboldt Books of which she is editor-in-chief.