Paola De Pietri

Paola De Pietri Reggio Emilia, 1960

Paola De Pietri’s photographs reflect on man’s relationship with space and the passage of time. In addition to observing both the urban and natural landscape, her images dwell on the human being and his individuality. The photographs in succession that make up her photographic series are silent reflections in which landscape and the human element converse or bring out one or the other respectively. Paola taught Photographic Documentation at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. Lives and works in Reggio Emilia

Pubblicazioni/ Books: Da inverno a inverno (Marsilio Editori, 2021), Istanbul New Stories (Steidl, 2017), To Face (Steidl, 2012), Dittici (Art&, 1998). Le sue opere sono state presentate in Italia e in Europa, tra le esposizioni personali e collettive Portraits at Malpensa Airports (Museion Bolzano, 2017), To Face (MAXXI di Roma, 2012), Italy made in Art: Now (Museum of Contemporary Art di Shanghai, 2006), Sguardi contemporanei (Biennale di Architettura di Venezia, 2004), Spazio Aperto (GAM di Bologna, 2001).

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